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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will construction last?

Depending upon the type of pool you have chosen for us to provide you, pool and spa construction is anywhere between 4 to 5 weeks and my vary with the time of year, (summer is slightly longer), pool and spa with decking is between 6 and 7 weeks and in some cases with various items added to the construction order it may take up to 8 weeks.

When do I make payments?

Payments are made according to your contract and will be dictated at the bottom of the form, as these payments coincide with the various phases of construction. Please refer to the contract payment schedule in regards to the amount owed. We will also call and give you a friendly reminder and let you know how to submit your payment.

Will someone be at my house everyday?

Usually not. Frequently, the course of construction involves many different tradesman and many different phases. There will most likely be days that pass without someone being at your house. Don't be concerned that you have been forgotten. There may be a period of two or three days when no one has appeared at your house

Can I expect that my yard or side yard for accessibility will remain in the same conditions as when we started?

This is by far the most interesting question. A swimming pool is major construction and it requires accessibility for tractors that weigh thousands of pounds and workers that bring in and out thousands of pounds of materials. The work is destructive for the most part in the beginning; it will look like a bomb went off in your yard!! Please be patient and don't be alarmed, when we have finished we will level the yard and remove debris caused by construction. We do not expect you to do the clean up. What we will not provide, unless stated in the contract, is landscaping for your yard. Areas where the equipment must pass such as lawns and or sidewalks may have a small amount of damage. Understand that this is major construction requiring licensing, permits, and insurance and one needs to understand the extent of the services being provided before becoming alarmed.

When can I swim in my pool after its been plastered or pebble coated?

After your pool is plastered we begin to fill it with water almost immediately. Once it is started DO NOT SHUT OFF THE WATER until it is filled. After the pool is filled it does require a start up of the pump and motor and a brush vacuuming. All this needs to be done before any person or animal enters the pool. If you go into the pool ahead of time you run the risk of leaving foot and handprints on the plaster. This is because there are precipitated solids that come out of the water as the pool fills and forms what is called 'plaster dust" that can leave a permanent mark in the pool.

If your pool is pebble coated however, it will sit for a day after the pebble coating is applied. The following day or two an acid washing is done. Acid washing "feez's-up" all the imperfections that were highlighted as the plaster was extracted from the aggregate. After acid washing, the pool is filled and a roll vac is done. With pebble coating however, you do not have to wait before entering the pool because you will not harm the pebble finish. We do recommend for safety reasons that you wait a day because the silty effect can be hazardous due to poor water clarity and you might not be able to see the pool floor.

Why does the caulking come apart under the edge of my deck?

While our desert has wonderful temperatures in the winter months and most soil is not expansive (doesn't swell when H2O is added). Some soil conditions and months of the year will cause the silicone caulk to "break loose" as early as a couple weeks after its been installed! Your deck during the summer will go through over fifty expanding and contacting motions per day!! Your caulking will need to be replaced in the areas where it "breaks loose" (mostly on the "house side" of your pool). Redoing your caulking is a homeowner's responsibility and should be applied with 100% silicon either white or clear. Please understand the, movement of your house, your deck, and your soil, is not our responsibility and this is an area of maintenance to your pool, just as chemicals and cleaning are.

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