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Whether you have a small area or a large property our pool designers can create an outdoor living experience
that will make your dreams come true. We specialize in custom built pools, spas and landscaping design as
well as remodeling existing outdoor living areas. We design and create unique outdoor living environments
which can include barbecues, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, palapas, alumawood patio covers, fountains,
entertainment areas and much, much more. Since first established in the Coachella Valley, American Heritage
Pool Corporation has served clients throughout the Beaumont area including Temecula, Yucca Valley and
more. Thank you for taking the time to browse our company’s web site, we hope that you will find it helpful in
choosing the right group of people to create the outdoor atmosphere you desire.


Specializing in new pools, spas, landscape design, and
remodeling outdoor living areas

American Heritage Pool Corporation was formed because of a 40+ year friendship between Rick Willinsky (American Pool Construction, Palm Desert) and John Bridge (Heritage Pools Inc., San Diego). Rick started in the pool business in Michigan in 1973, and introduced his friend, John, to the company a short time later. After three years in Michigan, Rick decided to move back to San Diego, where he had been stationed in the Navy, and learn how to install fiberglass pools. The company he worked for moved him to a prime location in the Coachella Valley to head up the division here in 1983. A few years later, when that company closed its doors, Rick decided to work for himself and started up his own company. Originally with partners, then on his own, Rick was president and owner of American Heritage Pool Corporation, a staple here in the Coachella Valley from 1987 until 2010. Meanwhile, John also moved to San Diego, but decided he wanted to stay in that area and eventually started his own company, Heritage Pools Inc., in 1988. Throughout the years, Rick Willinsky and John Bridge have remained very close, keeping track of growing families, visiting each other, and of course, sharing trade and industry secrets.

In 2009, Rick’s wife Maggi, being surrounded by the pool industry, but not really a part of it, decided she wanted to be in on the fun on a more intimate and involved level. Also at the time, Rick had some health concerns and needed to be able to take a less active role. After a group discussion, it was agreed that John and Maggi would start up a new company based in the Coachella Valley, allowing Rick to close American Pool Construction. And thus, American Heritage Pool Corporation was born!

Officially granted licensure in 2009, American Heritage Pool Corporation was off and running. As Rick’s health improved, he became a vital part of the company. Conversely, John’s health declined and he became less and less actively involved. In 2015, he indicated that he wanted to retire from the company altogether, so Maggi started studying. She became the license holder for American Heritage Pool Corporation in 2016, which made the company one of the few solely female-owned pool companies in Southern California.


American Heritage Pool Corporation continues the tradition of superior pool and backyard building established by American Pool Construction and Heritage Pools Inc. As a privately-owned company, we believe that staying small gives us opportunities that other, larger companies don’t have. We can focus on friends and family, not the company’s bottom line. We give individual attention to each job, so we limit the projects we take on. Since we don’t take every job that comes our way, we can choose to find those clients that, hopefully, become friends. Our clients are important to us in a personal way, not just as a revenue source. We are looking for lasting relationships that result in smiles and handshakes when we meet. We also like to choose jobs where we can make a difference, where our skillset offers an element of creativity and originality to a backyard that needs our special touch.

American Heritage Pool Corporation is essentially family—both ours and yours.

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