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Congratulations! Welcome to the American Pool Construction family. It is our desire to bring you and your family a wealth of enjoyment, family fitness, and fun for many years to come. We also recommend that you read through the Frequently Asked Questions.


Your swimming pool has a one-year warranty on waterline, plumbing, and stucco. If we do your landscaping, all your plants as well as the irrigation are also included for a period of one year. Your Pentair equipment has a three-year warranty that includes parts and labor. The warranty period begins as the time of application of plaster or pebble on your pool. The structure of the pool and spa itself is warranted for as long as you reside in the home. We will be responsible for any repairs during those specific periods of times. A word of caution: concrete when installed correctly comes with two guaranties, it will get hard and it will crack. We try to anticipate cracks with expansion joints and control joints but we cannot be responsible for cracking.


Lifetime structural warranty
10 yr. interior lamination warranty
3 yr. P&L warranty on all Pentair equipment
1 year non-structural items warranty