Outdoor Makeovers: Simple to Extreme

With over thirty-five years of experience creating unique outdoor environments complete with custom amenities, we know our way around a backyard design and build.

Using the highest level of today's technology American Heritage Pool Corporation can design and construct a new look for your yard that will provide a space that your family will enjoy and take tremendous pride in sharing with friends. Once tired and run-down areas of landscape with dated pools can be restored to comply with outdoor lifestyles of entertainment and dining pleasures. American Heritage Pool Corporation can also seamlessly integrate spas into your existing pool, as well as shallow or deepen your pool, add tanning shelves or benches, or bring your pool up to current building code compliance.  Features such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, in-deck umbrella sleeves and pool interior finishes are just a few of the makeover treatment we can provide. Rick and Maggi would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the enormous possibilities.


American Heritage Pool Corporation takes pride and pleasure in designing and creating the total backyard experience for our customers and friends to enjoy. Please, contact us today!